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Lung Cancer Screening

Stat Care Pulmonary and Sleep

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Lung cancer is the second most common cancer in American men and women and the leading cause of cancer death in the United States. To lower your risk for lung cancer complications, the team at Stat Care Pulmonary and Sleep offers routine lung cancer screenings in-office. Pulmonary specialists Himanshu Chandarana, MD, and Ashok Tyagi, DO, CPE, can identify cancer in the earliest stages, so you can get the treatment you need to keep your lungs healthy and functioning optimally. Call the St. Petersburg, Florida, office to find out if you’re a candidate for lung cancer screenings today or book an appointment online.

Lung Cancer Screening Q&A

What are lung cancer screenings?

Lung cancer screenings are preventive tests that can identify lung cancer in the earliest stages. Stat Care Pulmonary and Sleep offers several lung cancer screening methods in-office, including chest X-rays and low-dose computed tomography (LDCT) scans.

With early detection, the pulmonary team can often treat lung cancer more efficiently and with less invasive procedures. You can also lower your risk for the cancer spreading to other areas of your body.

Who needs lung cancer screenings?

You schedule lung cancer screenings if you have risk factors for the disease before you experience any symptoms. Since lung cancer doesn’t usually cause symptoms until the disease advances, screenings can save your life.

The team at Stat care Pulmonary and Sleep may recommend yearly lung cancer screenings for people 50 and over who have a 20-pack a year smoking history, those who quit smoking within the last 15 years, and those who currently smoke.

If you have symptoms of lung cancer, such as a chronic cough, difficulty breathing, or coughing up blood, don’t delay a lung cancer evaluation. The team can determine if your symptoms relate to cancer and discuss the available options to treat it.

What can I expect during lung cancer screenings?

Stat Care Pulmonary and Sleep offers lung cancer screenings in a comfortable office environment.

During your LDCT scan, you can expect to lie on a table that moves into an X-ray machine. The technology uses low amounts of radiation to create detailed images of your lungs. You shouldn’t feel any discomfort during the test, which typically only takes a few minutes.

After your LDCT scan is complete, the pulmonary specialists will review your results. If your screening shows any abnormalities in your lungs or the surrounding area, the team may recommend additional testing to confirm or rule out cancer.

If you’re still smoking, the team can recommend methods to help you quit for good. They can also discuss options for lowering your risk for lung cancer and other smoking-related lung diseases like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

To find out if you need lung cancer screenings, call Stat Care Pulmonary and Sleep today or book a consultation online.