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Excessive Sleepiness Specialist

Stat Care Pulmonary and Sleep

Pulmonary & Sleep Medicine Specialists located in St. Petersburg, FL

About 20% of Americans struggle with excessive sleepiness that lasts for several months or longer. If you’re often irritable because of daytime sleepiness, Stat Care Pulmonary and Sleep can help. Sleep specialists Ashok Tyagi, DO, CPE, and Himanshu Chandarana, MD, offer in-office sleep studies to identify what’s interfering with your sleep. The team also customizes a treatment plan to your needs to improve your sleep quality in the long-term. Call the St. Petersburg, Florida, office today to schedule a diagnostic evaluation for excessive sleepiness or book an appointment online.

Excessive Sleepiness Q&A

What causes excessive sleepiness?

Excessive sleepiness describes difficulties staying awake and alert during the day for three months or longer. Your sleepiness may be more noticeable when you’re sitting down or driving.

There’s a difference between excessive sleepiness and fatigue. With sleepiness, you don’t have issues falling asleep, whereas with fatigue, you may still struggle to fall asleep even though you feel very tired.

Excessive sleepiness can result from the use of sedative medications or conditions like sleep apnea and narcolepsy. You may also develop excessive sleepiness because of underlying psychiatric disorders.

When should I seek treatment for excessive sleepiness?

Good quality sleep each night is important for your health, your memory, and your immunity. You should schedule a diagnostic evaluation with the team at Stat Care Pulmonary and Sleep if you have issues with excessive sleepiness and issues like:

  • Irritability
  • Memory challenges
  • Difficulties focusing
  • Trouble staying alert

Without treatment, excessive sleepiness can contribute to reckless or risky behaviors, an increase in work or auto accidents, and decreased productivity. Persistent sleepiness can also cause issues with your mental and emotional health, as well as your relationships.

Long-term sleep deprivation can also lead to chronic health issues, like diabetes, heart disease, and obesity, which can drastically reduce your quality of life.

How is excessive sleepiness treated?

Once the team at Stat Pulmonary and Sleep uncovers the underlying cause of your excessive sleepiness during a home or in-lab sleep study, they can customize a plan to treat it.

You may benefit from medications that help you fall asleep and stay asleep throughout the night. The team may also suggest lifestyle and diet changes that support good-quality sleep.

If sleep apnea is causing your excess sleepiness, you may need to use a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) device. This machine delivers supplemental oxygen into your body through a face mask that you wear while sleeping.

When medical or psychiatric health issues are affecting your sleep quality, the team can refer you to a specialist for additional treatment.

To learn more about the available treatment options for excessive sleepiness, call Stat Care Pulmonary and Sleep to schedule a diagnostic evaluation today or book a consultation online.